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I'm actively seeking for an Investment-related job in Singapore. I have a Honor Degree (Actuarial Science Specialist + Statiscs Minor) and have passed 2 Society of Actuary Exams. I worked as an Actuarial Trainee last year for an Insurance Company in Malaysia for 4 months and work as a Financial Consultant (Financial Planning stuff, it's commision based, I'm not a strong sales person) for the past 4 months for an Asset Management Company in Canada. I learnt from the Asset Management company. I was having a lot more fun while I was working in the Asset Management company compared to what I was doing with the Insurance Company. That's why I decided to get into Investment Field.

I had some interviews in the past few weeks. I'm having hard time getting into the Investment field due to the lack of Accounting and Finance knowledge (technical skill). In the investment field, most employers don't really know what Society of Actuary exam is...Acctually, as actuarial science students, we do have some financial background but not as much as business students.

My question is:
Is there a way or a position I could have as a stepping stone? My final goal is to work as a Portfolio Manager in the investment field. I will definitely try to take the CFA exams once I get into investement field.

Could one tell me if there is any position in investment field doesnt require Accounting or Finance degree?

Let say, I somehow get a job in a financial field(not in the investment sector, may be the Insurance or Banking secotr). Should I ask the company to sponsor my CFA? or I should do it quietly?

Thanks for your time.

Hope to hear from you soon.

CFA Discussion Topic: Having difficulty getting into Financial Industry (esp Investmet)

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