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@2019-01-18 16:12:49
meaning i'm doing the reading, and the problems, but have a hard time remembering all formulas. certain parts i'm even having trouble doing the's all quite demoralizing! the question is, is it worth paying 1k for a class, or should i wing it, and hope that i excel at all other sections?

(i've done the other quant parts fine- so i'm not sure if statistics just bores me or if i really just don't grasp the concepts!)
@2019-02-18 19:29:03
Hi! I actually think stats is interesting, but I also have a hard time remembering the formulas. It can be demoralizing!!! Sadly, I get hung up on the counting problems and that should be the easiest!!

It's up to you if you want to pay money for an extra class. I would try just practicing many problems and it will eventually click! I'm not sure if others will agree, but you can also try taking a break from the quant section, study another section for a while and then come back to it. You may be surprise at how well you've actually retained the info.

Take care!
@2019-02-27 14:56:36
statistics is difficult to understand.

i would focus on:
* confidence intervals
* test statistics
* hypothesis testing (when to reject when to accept)

- when you see how this all comes together, it is much easier. dont worry about knowing the very complex formulas, as they will be a small weight, if at all on the test.

go through it a few times, go on to another section, then come back to it it will make more sense the next go around.

that being said, there is so much you can learn from a difficult concept on your own. you may want to ask a professor or colleague for help.
@2019-04-27 16:42:09
Agree it's a tough area. Took me a lot longer to get through than I planned for and I will have to review it again at least once. Short of spending ~1K for a class etc consider some other resources---eg Kahn Academy, or buying a really basic Stats book. Agree with chatt @cherry said and would add to know the normal distribution inside and out.

It's also true that it helps to go through the entir e curriculum because not only do they review concepts again (ex they do IRR and NPV in both Quant and Corporate Finance) but you also see "the point" to a lot of the abstract concepts in Quant. Makes it a lot more fun to learn it.

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