AuthorTopic: Help (Level 1) !
@2003-06-22 04:13:11
Hi !What is Your personal expirience / opinion about CFACenter, Schweser, ... What kind of programm should I decide on to pass Level 1 (self-study only).Thx.
@2003-06-25 12:55:16
In my opinion the answer to your question depends a lot on your background. If you already have some training and/or some experience in finance the notes here plus reading the Ethics book should be sufficient for you.I only used cfacenter and found that all the questions on the AIMR Level 1 exam (except some of the Ethics questions) could be answered with the material in this site.
@2003-06-29 16:38:07
I tried both Schweser and Stall (their samples), but finally I decided to use cfacenter's notes not only because it's much cheaper, but also because the quality here is pretty much similar to those of commercial ones. I would not recommend purchasing others at all.

I still think it is good if you can get the textbooks. The textbooks are necessary to inform you on a broader basis. If you do not know much (like me), it is sensible to study the books.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!