AuthorTopic: help-ARE MY 2004 STUDY BOOKS RELEVANT?
@2007-01-05 17:21:53
Hi all..Im supposed to write the level 1 june 2007 exams but im making use of scwheser's cfa study books for 2004..i would like to know if im wasting my time using those books
@2007-01-06 15:21:55
Difficult to say whether you are wasting your time or not, things learned can never be wasted though. Why are you making use of such old material?
@2007-01-06 20:18:49
Somebody edited my entry. Is it prohibited to ask or give someone contact details?
@2007-01-06 20:21:09
Hmmm... it ought not to be prohibited as it says in the introduction to this forum "Purchase second-hand textbooks" and how can textbooks change hands without giving anybody any contact details whatsoever? Kizo, I might have some books that might interest you.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!