AuthorTopic: Help!!! Do I ...Or Don't I???
@2017-09-20 15:22:33
Hi Guys, Please help me!!!

I am currently working in a Retail banking field, and would like to study CFA Level 1 and take the exam this December with the view of moving into a back office/similar role in the Investment Banking field, and then taking up CFA Level2 and progressing within the ranks in the Investment bank.

I have an Economics degree from a University in London for which I received a 2:2, I am confident that IF i put in the effort i.e 30+ hours a week studying (by myself), I will pass Level 1 CFA between now and December (73 days!). Currently I haven't registered or started for the exams.

Problem being is that my job will not physically allow me to study 30 hours a week due to time constraints, and hence I will end up failing the exam (especially given that I haven't studied for 5 years now, and my job will tire me out, and also as I will be paying for the course MYSELF!). My work will not give me the time off for me to study CFA as it is not directly related, and also because I am not in their best of books!

SO....The dilemma I am facing is; Do I leave work to study CFA Level 1 with the hope that I will be able to secure a better job with the CFA Level 1? How much of a difference will it actually make to my career prospects? Is it worth taking the risk, and leaving a secured job? Or can it easily be done while working?

PS. I live in London with no previous experience in Investement banking

Any help appreciated pleaassse!!


@2017-11-21 23:50:55
I suggest keep the job and take CFA level 1 in June 2018 if you think it will be a little difficult for you to give in the necessary hours and focus that it needs. I live in NY and right now it is difficult to find a job (I don't know much about London) but my advise will be not to give up any secured job -> this is based on my experience in NY.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz