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@2010-07-01 19:12:55
I need to get back on track fast! Iím taking the Level I Exam in December and got off to a great start with the studying in June. I finished off Corporate Finance like it was a college communications class but then slowed down when focusing a lot on trying to get a job. Anyway, I know I still have plenty of time to get back on the train but I need some help.

Could fellow CFAers help me compose a game plan. I started reading the CFAI texts and soon realized that it would take me forever to finish them and that they weren't even necessary, so I'm just going to be reading the this web site's notes from here on out. Like I said earlier, I finished Corporate Finance and just started the Financial Statement Anaysis. I'm trying to get a feel, though, for how many LOS (or pages of the notes) a day I should read to get back on track. When should I get done reading all of the notes? Would it be fine to hold off the questions until November, or should I be going over questions and notes at the same time. To summarize:

1. How many LOS should I be reading per day (have everything to read except Corporate Finance)?

2. When should I be finished with the notes?

3. Is it alright to hold off the questions until the final month before the exam where that will be the only thing I'll be doing?

Thanks everyone
@2010-07-03 17:36:25
#1 up to you, I think some LOS are going to take longer than others. You can probably afford to spend just over a week on each Study Session.

#2. aim to leave all of November for tests and review. I'm hoping to finish covering all notes during the second half of October.

#3. probably not. Try to drill as many questions as you can as you go over the LOS. I usually do the basic questions at the end of the reading as soon as I finish reading the chapter. I then allow a couple of weeks to pass by, then tackle relevant review questions for the study session, to see how much i've retained.
@2010-07-05 22:55:25
I'm a little hesitant to say something here because situations are different for everyone. I'm currently using only the CFAI curriculum and have 4 volumes to cover. Like pattesh, I plan on finishing covering those by mid-october. Most of the stuff is a review for me so I've been covering some parts faster than others. But anyway, whether you're using the CFAI curriculum or analystnotes' study notes, here is my advice. First, take a look at all the LOS or materiel covered on the exam and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Then focus on your areas of weakness while still accounting for the area weights/time and decide how much you can or are willing to put in every day. Third, I agree with pattesh on practicing as much as you can; the goal is not to read notes or the entire CFAI curriculum, but to make sure you understand the LOS. That's just my piece. i hope this helps
@2010-07-10 17:06:27
I don't agree with pattesh re #3, that is to say I followed that course (took the bulk of the questions during the final month). The reason for this was simply that I didn't find the time earlier on (even though I had the intention).

Re. getting back on track I have only one piece of advice: join a study group (one way or the other, think creatively and you'll find one). Once joined, study together. "Group pressure" will ensure you stay on track.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz