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@2015-01-22 22:39:19
Dear all,

I am 31 year old Canadian at a crossroad in my life and looking for good advice with my professional life.

I have always been an entrepreneur and been successful till few years back when i moved my operations to Dubai and during the financial crisis lost my shirt and most of what i had work for all my life.

Now after a few years of doubting myself Ive finally gained my confidence back however im at a cross road:

Do i get up and continue the same path and just change some of my methods with what ive learned over the years.


Go for a degree of some sort that interests me and change my path completely and get a good job.


Have an AND conversation to go with both and have the knowledge, education and at the same time do what i truly enjoy and make something out of nothing.

My goal is to have my holding company managing good prosperous companies with me at head of the holding company and to be able to manage.

I currently hold a high school diploma with no college or university back ground. Since i have no post secondary education, i have a long path ahead of me since id like to go for my cfa. I also get to choose the path and be clear of what i have to take exactly to get my cfa.

Most research that Ive done on the net are individuals that already have there bachelors and are looking for an upgrade. Id like to know what you all think is the best bachelor degree for cfa chartered.

Since Iím already 31 and i probably have another 8-10 years left to study, i dont want to change paths down the line and to take longer than necessary.

my interests are law (not for a career as a lawyer rather something interesting), finance, international trade and business (specially in the Asian market), economics and i really enjoy stocks.

I hope Ive been clear.

Thank you in advance for reading my post and please tell me your honest opinion and criticism.

Carter Soze
@2015-01-31 09:56:09
It depends on what your business(es) was/were and how successful you think you might be a launching another company (i.e., do you have a good idea and access to financing?). Personally, I would say that if you were successful before and perhaps overextended or had some bad luck, that you should skip college and just get back in the game with a new venture. Most people that go to college and pass the CFA exams are on the "cog in the wheel" path of working for someone else, usually a large company. It doesnít sound like you are well suited to that path. I also generally think college is overrated for independent thinkers willing to take smart risks, but that is just my personal opinion.

The flip side argument is that you may be better suited to a college sort of career given that you bought into the Dubai hype (no offense, but dude, what were you thinking?), which may imply that you donít really understand risk / reward well enough to be managing a holding company.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!