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@2003-06-04 17:39:31
I have been unemployed for the last 3 months. I thought I would start looking after taking L1 but the job markt pretty much sucks in the North east. I was weighing my options and am considering going back to school - PHD.
Any one is similar situation -- what do u guys suggest... keep collecting unemployment...
@2003-06-05 08:47:00
If you go back to school you should go back and get your MBA, it'll give you the best opportunities over time, provided you go to a top tier school.
@2003-06-06 23:29:02
hey, head up!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in the same boat with you! even worse, I am trying to get my foot into the door of fnce..I took l-1 this year, will pursue L-2 having our fingers crossed now. before jumping to get "permanent head damage", don't you know it also will take a year from now on before you got accepted? first thing first, what about this coming year?humble advices:
1. many terrific postings on, regarding finance and econ. read it, people there are more willing to help out each other in details.
2. have you tried insurance industry, corp. finance jobs just to get over this tough time? I think unemployment compensation is only for a year, I am collecting it as well now.
I have been unemployed for the last 3 months. I am on the west coast, it is as bad if not worse. the only difference is that I am willing to take any-entry level job in this field. neverthelss, you have the comparative advantage in networking. (key to land you any job)
best luck!
@2003-06-18 11:52:14
It's going to be really tough for you to break into the finance industry but not impossible, it'll just require a lot of footwork on your part to go out and meet people at those places you want to work at. That means like calling up the HR people at ibanks asking for informational interviews. Those are how you'll meet a variety of people and learn more about the company. You'll get some contacts through that and hopefully find yourself in a real interview down the road with those firms. It's very very difficult to transfer within a firm from say, sales to ibanking, or from equity research into ibanking. You may be able to make the jump from say a sales position at a bulge brack firm to ibanking at a smaller boutique firm or even another bulge brack ibank, but it's still a big challenge.When you go back to get your MBA the best thing I'd recommend is looking at all the finance firms that recruit at your school and work on making contacts with people at those firms BEFORE they get to campus. Also, check your MBA alumni database and find alums in the finance industry and get in touch with them.

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