AuthorTopic: Help - Why Doesnt My Calculator Work
@2017-12-01 08:26:33
I have this piece of junk TI BA II Plus - what a piece of crap - i cant even get it to do a simple Future Value Calculation - I have the original users guide, and the users guide off of the TI website and I cant get it to do anything. Can anyone help please?

I would be satisfied if it could even figure out the future value of $10 invested for one year at 10 % is - its eleven dollars, but nooooooooooooooo - this stupid calculator thinks it's $10.08

help please
@2017-12-02 23:09:37
it has something to do with the number of payments per year defaulting to 12 instead of 1 - once you set the payments per year to one, you're off to the races - until you try to do another problem, then the piece of crap lets you down again
@2017-12-04 19:06:55
well, i figured this out - the bloody instruction manual has errors in it - i called TI and they helped me figure it out and then offered to sell me an error free instruction manual for 5 bucks - that beats all, they give you an instruction manual with errors and then want 5 bucks for an error free one

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