AuthorTopic: Honest advice needed
@2017-06-12 19:11:03
170 days to the exam in Dec, is this enough time to be appropriately prepared for the exam or would you call it a big gamble, considering I am looking to have a thorough study, no short-cuts pursued?

Speedy response will be much appreciated as I need to make a decision as regards enrollment, thanks .
@2017-06-27 08:25:39
Hi, I belong to the same bracket brother. would be interested to know the answer urgently
@2017-08-08 13:01:03
Hi Friends,

As for as I believe if you could give 6 to 7 hours dedicatedly for study, 170 days are more than enough for exam preparation.

Be positive and work hard this is the only Mantras of success in any exam

Sumit, etencfa

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