@2008-11-08 17:30:05
Just went through bonds FABOZZI material.... God its the most heavy material I've come across yet excluding the accounting. I have to say equity valuation was pretty good. But the bond valuation just got out of control.There are one too many yield calculations, EAY, HPY, Money Market, YTC, YTP, YTM, Average Yield, Duration (x4) yield, relative return, future value of coupons, BEY, Annual Yield. Like enough is enough to memorize.I'm getting a sad sinking feeling, I'll never remember all this and the more I cram, the more I forget about the past few books.ECO which I thought was easy has now all become foggy thanks to 300 stat forumale and bond forumlae....I hate this CFA madness.. People memorize it for the moment, study just notes to pass the test and in the end... its a matter of bullshit. Sorry to say but..I rather outlaw the notes, have books only and allow formula sheets. GOD DAMN.Anybody else with the sinking feeling! Give me some motivation or hope, tell me your story.
@2008-11-09 15:42:18
well don't worry the next time you review those things it will be much easier. Even though you think you have forgotten it all will come back ..since its all there somewhere in yr brain ..that is why revision is important.
@2008-11-10 17:35:57
Don't worry. Try some questions, then go back to the materials. This will help a lot. I have a bit accounting background, so I started from questions instead of readings, even though I was not sure I knew all the stuff. But those questions are really good, they will help you to understand the material better and to tell you where to start when you solve those problems. Just my experience.
@2008-11-12 13:59:56
There is no way that anyone can possibly memorize all those formulas and I don't think AIMR expects you to memorize them anyway...try to decide which are the most important and just learn those. You should have a general idea of all the formulae just so you can make an educated guess if you need to

@2008-11-12 15:17:17
Hi there,
I have a similar feeling. WHen i study one session I feel that I have forgotten the other one. But to my amazement when I try to solve the questions for other sessions I tend to remember things without going back to that session. So just give it a shot and you will be amazed at how much you can remember and recollect. Also try this. Once one part of a session is over, you should close your eyes and try to recollect all the important things that you read in that section. better still if you can write down. dont worry about the details, just the topics which you studied. once you remember the topics you will tend to remember the details about it as the topic name suggests a lot about its details. it might just take you 5 minutes to write down the topic headings once it is completed but in that way you will end up saving hours of labor and frustration.

Hope this helps.
@2008-11-23 16:05:12
So I guess that I'm the only one who can't remember anything at
all. CFA foda!
@2008-11-29 00:27:47
1. Ritalin is a wonderful thing

2. Dont spot, do all the chapters. Everything will be tested. If you can memorize everything, there still be some easy questions. I wrote level 1 in June, and left out derivatives and alternative investments. I also neglected ethics slightly since we covered it in my 3rd year at varsity. I failed all three those modules. With a bit of revision i couldv passed the exam.

If you cant master all the material, consider starting earlier next time or not doing it at all.

everything is easy on level 1.Its just the load that kills everyone.

but ya, stay positive aswell...remember, the passrate was 35% in June.

3. Fear is a wonderful thing
@2008-12-02 04:42:17
What is the worst thing that can happen - you fail the exam. Not exactly the end of life. Besides, you can have another try in Juen. Six hours of shame and then the whole life is ahead of you.
@2010-07-18 22:43:59
Hey man. I think that's what CFA is but just think of the fact that you are among the other 80% of the candidate who make it to the final 20% of the candidates who make to the next level. So don't lose hope. Don't undermine the questions. try to solve them all and you will bring back all the formulas you thought you could not remember.

on the way if i could pose a question is the Curriculum of CFA alone enough to study and sit for the exam?



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