AuthorTopic: Horrible Mock test scores
@2019-05-07 03:30:02
How much are you guys scoring on the mock tests here? my scoring is just getting awful every day with a new test.this is really demotivating and causing me to doubt my abilities of scoring well in June 2018 exam. my preparation seem fair and I have gone through the whole material.

Am I the only one performing bad at the tests?
@2019-05-10 09:49:09
I think the ranking is not working properly - I don't understand how I can get 60% of the questions right and rank at 15%.
@2019-05-11 21:35:05
Same with me.. I Did my first Mock test. It's too difficult for real CFA level 1 exam , i beleive. I got approx 60 correct answer and secure 18 percentile. I am disappointed too. and lost my confidence. Going to put all my efforts in rest of days..
@2019-06-05 10:58:29
All: Stay positive and keep taking those mocks. Download the CFA mocks and take those ASAP. AnalystNotes are difficult for a reason, to help you study.

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