AuthorTopic: Hotter than an MBA
@2017-01-08 23:27:00
Just read this from another forum:
The article talks about how much CFA's make. Is that number true? What about 3 to 5 years experience?
Lets not kid each other...we are here taking this exam for one thing and one thing only...MONEY!
Remember..."Greed is good!".

Do you guys think that since there were over 100,000 people taking L1 next year and in 2 years that would probably mean about 15,000 to 20,000 of them will become CFA's that will lower the salary standards (oversupply!)? - R.B.
@2017-03-23 22:32:15
What is greed good for. What is money good for. What are you here showing interest for the CFA for? Think harder my friend ;)

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Colin Sampaleanu