AuthorTopic: Hours studying L1 and passed
@2009-07-26 10:03:09
I am wondering for those who passed level 1, how many hours did you spend? Do you have finance background or not?
@2009-07-27 10:31:12
I have a Finance background and a fair understanding of Macro Economics. I studied for almost 350 hrs. Anyway I did more than what is needed perhaps!
@2009-07-27 15:16:22
Am I a complete outlier here - I logged about 60 hrs here at analystnotes and passed - surely not everyone studied as much as is being indicated here.
@2009-08-04 11:05:38
TO those of you who passed: Is the material covered in the CFA consistently finance and macro economics? Or does it vary from year to year?
@2009-08-07 09:05:41
I studied loads and failed. I got good marks on my worst subjects and failed on my best ones.
@2009-11-17 14:27:38
To those of u who passed: what is the main covered of LV 1.and what is the common age to pass it?is most of u just graduation?
@2010-02-22 07:25:39
I passed with greater than 70% in every category, but I studied about 800 hours. I can easily admit that this was probably overkill, but it was nice to walk out of the test and know for a fact that I passed. I used analyst notes the most, but also took every practice test I could get my hands on (about 15). Good luck to everyone, and just know that Level I is really just a volume game - put in enough hours and you will pass! Good luck!
@2010-03-28 15:57:27
I estimate 200 and passed, all analystnotes

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach