AuthorTopic: Houston, we have a problem!
@2017-08-02 15:07:34
I am taking the CFA in Houston in December. I don't need study groups or help. I just need some crazy people to go out with the night of the 2nd, so I don't get hammered alone. I am serious, let me know if somebody is ready to celebrate the end (?) of the first part of the nightmare with me, spanish way: drinking!!
If there are enough people, I am staying one more day. Otherwise, I'll fly the same day back home.
@2017-08-11 10:08:07
Well I guess we have a different way of celebrating things in Spain. I'll get drunk anyway.
@2017-08-23 12:24:46
I want to get drunk too!!! But I'll be in Los Angeles. Anyway I'll be drinking with you spiritualy.
Regards from Peru
@2017-11-12 07:37:21
Don't worry!!...we will be a bunch of mexicans in Houston that day...and for sure we will meet that day and definetely we will go to get some drinks with you!

CFA Discussion Topic: Houston, we have a problem!

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