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Respected sir,

I| a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai, India. It is my burning desire to become a CFA and work as an Investment analyst and specialize in Valuations and M & A. and that is why I wish to pursue the course of US CFA course from India.

I don' wish to appear for exam at any stage through any sort of agency or coaching classes. Please let me know;

What is the total cost of becoming CFA?
Whether I can give exam online at all stages from India?
What books I need to purchase for basic & advanced studies
1) Whether study materials are provided and if yes whether it is comprehensive?
2) From where can I buy additional books for studies.
3) Whether any scholarship is available?
4) Whom I should contact for registration? And other related matters.

Kindly let me know the above details.

I like your site very much.

Thanking you.

Falgesh P. Sanghvi.

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