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@2010-04-25 13:53:33
can someone tell me if the exam is harder or easier than schweiser sample exam
@2010-04-26 02:54:24
schweser exam is way too easy.
@2010-04-27 23:25:01
The Schweser q's are very predictable and comparing the level of difficulty I would say about 65% vs. the real thing. All I can base my comparison on is my Level I experience. The exam book sold by Schweser is slightly better at about 80%. AnalystNotes's questions are about the same. The biggest reason for difficulty gap is CFA Institute's wording! That's why the textbooks are so valuable.
@2010-05-08 06:19:15
you mean, Gerry, AnalystNotes's Qs are quite similar as real ones both on difficulty and wordings?

One more thing for its mock exam ranking, is it based on all current candidats and ex-candidats' performances or only based on current candidats' performance for coming exam? different database may give different explanation to the ranking result. Does anyone know how close the AnalystNotes's ranking to the real outcome?
@2010-05-28 12:23:37
Hi Shasha,
I think AnalystNotes ranks results based on others students who have completed the q's. I would say F's q's have a good flavor for the real thing, but as I said before, there are very few practice q's from anyone that have it 100% right. The content is very similar among the many I have tried (stalla, schweser, analystnotes) but it's all about wording and playing with the variables in the question. CFAI has the patent on making something straightforward seem just plain confusing.
@2010-05-29 16:58:44
Thanks for the tip Gerry. I'm prepping from Schweser as well, and from the forum everyone seems like Analyst Notes Fanatics, good to know that I'm not completed screwed.

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