AuthorTopic: How about the CFA exam environment?
@2017-07-15 23:20:37
hey folks, I was just wondering how the exam environment is about - i would really appreciate if someone could help me out that i won t be distracted/ surprised! Are we getting scrap paper? THANKS a million. Good luck to everyone
@2017-08-15 10:40:12
It depends on where you take it. For the most part, it's pretty good especially in June as my first experience with it was in December and the power went off before the exam. We started the test 30 mns later but the room was extremely cold throughout the day. I was wearing my coat. It's pretty quiet though and the proctors do a pretty good job making sure evthg is as planned. No scrap paper is provided. I used the little booklet with the questions to solve the problems. You won't need that much space.
Good luck

CFA Discussion Topic: How about the CFA exam environment?

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Craig Baugh