AuthorTopic: How bad is it to take level 2 twice?
@2008-06-06 20:49:02
Just curious how it looks if you have to take level 2 twice?

In interviews for after level one got a lot of did you pass first time questions. Do employers not hire people who pass on the second try?

@2008-06-07 00:49:12
From what I heard, Level II is the one that gets most people. I've talked to CEO's, Senior Analysts, and Treasurers of companies that failed Level II. From the looks of my most recent mocks, I may join this elite group tomorrow.

Most likely, when someone asked if you failed it, they are CFA Charterholders themselves and like to share the agony. I don't think it is a hire/not hire thing in general, but some prospective employers may see it this way. Either way, I know I would rather see someone fail and try until they succeeded. It shows more determination than someone who doen't appear to ever make mistakes.
@2008-06-07 06:19:47
catburglar wrote "Just curious how it looks if you have to take level 2 twice? ... Do employers not hire people who pass on the second try?"

There are many people in the finance sector who do not have the CFA designation and don't intend on taking it either. The point is whether you pass or not, not how many times you try. Once you've passed, you've acquired the knowledge needed for that level. To a large extent it all boils down to how YOU look at it. Someone who has never met or overcome an adversity is not someone an employer would want to hire anyway. The purpose of the question is probably not to hear you say you've passed it on the first attempt, but rather to check how you handle an adversity.
@2008-06-07 23:19:39
Also if employers asked whether you passed the first time, it only shows they are not professional, or superficial I should say. CFA is a good program through which you can learn a lot of things, but one thing I have noticed is that it has been somewhat sanctified. It in a sense has inflated the ego and deflated (unfortunately) the dignity of some people. If someone who really judge someone by whether s/he has a charter, it is his/her problem. I have many friends around me who got CFA, or failed and stopped trying or continue to fight. Not everyone who got the charter is definitely better than those who have not. Passing the exam mean something, but does not mean everything for everyone. Believe it or not, a finance professor of mine at grad school failed level II and level III multiple times. But he still teaches portfolio management these days. My point is that don't get too much into this thing. If you decide to go through it no matter what, just to ahead. Don't think too much how other people think. Really, how many investing gurus have CFA in this world? Good luck to all!
@2010-07-11 10:55:07
So opinion even an MBA grad can outperform a Charterholder.......How many quit the CFA program in Between and actually how many are committed to attain the charter?

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