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@2017-12-25 12:26:05
I read this blog somehwere. Very interesting:

After taking some time after receiving the results last Tuesday, I'm still on cloud 9 over here. It's been a long 4 years since I decided to first go for the charter in 2013 right after getting my MBA and MS in Finance. At the time the goal of passing all 3 exams seemed daunting and very unlikely for someone like me who wasn't coming from a traditional finance career path. I knew I could do it but worried about the time commitment necessary to get here. Well, I'm 3 for 3 and after I apply this week and get everything verified, I should have my charter in hand.

So how did I do it? Well I will definitely update my guide to passing level 1 to now include all 3 levels as well as some tips on actually applying for the charter, getting work experience verified, etc. The quick summary is

1) Set a goal
2) Work hard at it
3) Don't give up

It's really that simple. I set the goal of obtaining charter and going 3 for 3. I worked hard at it, 10-20 hours per week for up to 6 months for each level and more the month before exam. And I didnt give up when work, personal life, or my own fears were getting in the way. There was a point where I even questioned whether the cost in time and money was worth the effort, especially if I didn't have a Wall St career lined up already. I'm glad I pushed thru all of that.

The first name of this blog was called My CFA Adventure as many long time readers may recall, and this was quite an adventure. The most important thing I learned wasn't about fixed income, or how to use a swap to hedge a mortgage portfolio or what behavioral characteristic an investor fits into. I've forgotten most of that already anyway. The most imporant thing I learned was about myself. I learned that I could set a goal and achieve it after hard work and dedication. I learned I could prioritize, balance and manage a high workload alongside doing something on the side to better myself. I learned I could become disillusioned with a goal yet not give up. I learned I could push myself in new directions and away from my comfort zone. All of these lessons will stay with me much further than any financial theory I learned from the curriculum, many of which will change over the course of my working career. The growth I experienced these past 4 years has been immeasurable and I'm a better person for having gone thru this.

Thanks to everyone for the support over the years. It's been quite a ride.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh