AuthorTopic: How do I practise?- Please help
@2018-06-17 10:02:29
Dear all,
I have recently registered for the June exam next year; I have got the CFA Institute's notes;
Would really appreciate your guidance in letting me know what are the best sources for obtaining tough practise questions and mock exams;
@2018-07-18 21:54:28
use AnalystNotes, their practise questions and mock exams for for Level I are very good, haven't tried Level II yet but I expect practise questions to be as good, sad that they don't have mock exams for Level II
@2018-07-25 12:47:31
Hey aadity,

I also registered for the june level 1 exam, can we form a group?

You can call me at 91-9886778571
@2018-07-26 21:57:03
Hey, I'm taking the Level 1 in December. I'm doing the online prep course with analystnotes. It is really really good. You could look into that.
@2018-10-02 11:30:35
Hey Aadity,

Please give me your emailid.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.