AuthorTopic: How do you stack up?
@2018-05-30 14:07:42
Here's a little fun competition for all of us cramming all day everyday for this last week. I'm a big note-card guy, I probably have just over 300 notecards I've made over the past few months, anyone else a notecard-aholic? So let the competition begin, the bar is set at 300, anyone higher??
@2018-06-01 18:41:02
i make notes on readings on letter size papers since Feb so that I can review them easily and clearly. I have almost 100 pages already. If i cut them by 4, that would make a lot more than 300. Will that count?
@2018-08-29 12:02:44
I tried using thumb rules. But, guess what? I'm drastically short of thumbs...I'm moving slowly, lest some formula slips out of my mind. CFA is tough but maybe that is what makes it worthwhile.
@2018-10-19 19:05:44
I have probably about one hundred for each major topic area. I'm guessing around 600 total - and I made them from written notes I took from the book and notes from Schwesser and Analystnotes. I have taken many practice problems here and still don't think I can remember enough. Every time I learn a new fact or concept or formula, another one gets misplaced. Think I'm doomed here. This is harder than the bar exam - which I was able to pass w/ less study.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.