AuthorTopic: How do you study for CFA level 1?
@2015-08-02 09:20:38
I have been studying for Level 1 in December. So far I have come to find that I hit a wall at about 3 hours of studying. At this point it becomes very difficult to focus and retain what I read. Sometimes listen to my MP3 player while I study.

I'm wondering about the rest of you all. Do you listen to music while you study? How long of a session can you put in before your exhausted? Do you study in front of your computer at all? How do you combat the fatigue?

Just trying to get a feeler from everyone else regarding the most effective studying methods. (I understand this is different for everyone)
@2015-08-05 13:16:11
Whatever you do make sure you do some related multiple choice questions to further strengthen your concepts. It makes you retain the concepts for longer time as compared to just reading. MP3 and other stuff you are doing is just fine. It is also recommended that you do 5 sessions of 2 hrs each rather than 2 sessions of 5 hrs.
- Hari
@2015-08-11 06:22:06
Everyone is different. Whatever works for you dude. I find for more relaxed study sessions I will be listening to music, though I'm extremely particular about listening to music that doesn't contain any lyrics/vocals, so I tend to listen to more instrumental type of songs as it just makes the session more enjoyable and I'm able to focus moreso on the material being studied vs having lyrics in the background distract me.

I used to study as a kid with lots of crazy music playing (and loud), but I find that I'm not able to have a great degree of focus when I do that, thus the switch to instrumentals.

I'm pretty versatile when it comes to what kind of music i listen to, so finding enjoyable songs that have no lyrics isn't much of a problem..

other than that, I've also picked up the habit of drinking a lot of green tea, especially for longer studying sessions. I'm addicted.

When it comes to real serious studying, or if I'm having focus problems I like complete silence. I also prefer to be in complete isolation when studying with no one bugging me.

Which also means I hate group studying, though I could see myself not minding it if it's to go over things I've already studied and am not understanding something, but for the most part I'm usually pretty last minute with studying anyways that group studying for me is just useless.
@2015-10-16 15:56:37
I started studying for Level I last month and I prefer pure silence which is not easy to find all the time. I usually study at home (after work in the evenings). At the weekends I'd rather go to uni library though I am not a student anymore. In this way, I don't feel like I am the only person in the wrold who has to study for sth.

I like group studying when it comes to reviewing.

My study sessions are around 2-3 hours with a little break in the middle. I always write down stuff (I am about to finish the second edition of Analyst Notes for the sessions I have reviewed) which slows me down but facilitates reviewing.

After completing a full session of Analyst Notes, I always try to solve some multiple choice questions. I also use the workbooks of CFA Center, which I borrowed from uni library.
@2019-03-09 15:40:50
For me, I try to do as many multiple questions as I could and revise daily.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu