AuthorTopic: How does actual finance work?
@2017-09-03 21:15:06
I'm still a finance major in college. I'm curious as to how actual finance work is compared to what we learn in school. Do you guys already working as financial analysts have to work with the complex calculations we deal with at school or are most things done through computer software. For instance, when you need to do valuation to decide between two projects, when performing analysis on a company, e.t.c.
@2017-09-06 03:40:01
Why would you assume that you wouldn't use computer software for complex calculations, thats exactly when a computer is most useful.

When your actually working you will probably do everything in Excel, so you will use a computer to do complex calculations. Also most likely the actual work you do will be more complicated than what you did in school.

CFA Discussion Topic: How does actual finance work?

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