AuthorTopic: How I passed Level 1 and what I wish I would have done differently
@2017-09-30 18:27:27
I'm posting this because I wish i would have come across a post like this before I started studying for Level 1.

First off I used AnalystNotes, review exams and its online mock exams and it was very helpful. I never cracked the CFAI books. I was well prepared and AnalystNotes did a great job of covering all the material.

I read through all the notes and did every practice question for each section. I then realized I needed to go back through and read much of the notes again - this upset me. Anyways, I probably read through 80-90% of the material for a second time and did the majority of the practice questions again (when I read stuff about people doing this I didn't believe it and I thought there was no way I would do that, so if you think the same thing after reading the previous sentence you would not be alone).

I did all 10 mock exams from AnalystNotes.

I did the CFA mock exam twice and a few other questions a third time.

What I found very very very helpful was using the AnalystNotes review exams and setting the filter to only give me the questions I have not seen and mark these as my favorite questions. If I could go back I would do these advanced questions for each topic right after I finished going through the material, i.e. after done reading through ethics I would have done all the ethics questions. I did a ton of these the week before the test, but wish I would have started doing them about a month before.

I took the week off work before the test - this is most likely what got me over the hump. If you do not have the entire week off to study before the test you can pass, but you really stack the odds against you. These were 12 hour days of studying 7 days in a row (the wierdest feeling - the human body is not meant to do something like this. I did exercise each day, which most likely kept me from going insane.

AnalystNotes provided a formula sheet for level 1. It took me a while but i had them all memorized <- a must.

I might be forgetting a little bit, but I hope this helps someone. Feel free to ask questions. Good luck.
@2017-10-11 22:17:52
Congratulations on passing - your study plan was solid and your advice good. I guess cfa is all about time management and self discipline. I?m new to the course btw.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu