AuthorTopic: How important is it to read the CFA books IN DEPTH?
@2017-09-15 22:00:58
Each book is about 3500 pages, I've been doing 50 pages a day, so I plan to finish by end of September. Is it crucial that we pay attention to every detail in the CFA books? I feel like a lot of the stuff I'm reading is not nearly as important as other stuff in the same chapter. And I feel like the most important thing is to get the reading done as quick as possible, while still comprehending most of what you learned, in order to take as much practice questions as you can. How important is it that we understand every concept fully in the book?

@2017-09-27 13:53:11
At Level I you may get a way with not reading everything. However, a lot of the material in Level 2 and Level 3 builds on what you already learned in Level I. If you get away with skimming in Level I it won't work later on and you will waste more time in the next 2 levels reading about things you should have remembered from Level 1. Also 62% of people failed and I don't think you would be happy to waste more time at Level 1 when you should be working on Level 2 because you were trying to cut corners.

That being said, I would encourage you to look at the weights of each topic. Don't waste 10 hours on Alternative Investment (3% of the exam or approx. 7.2 questions) if you don't know anything about Accounting (20% or 48 questions).

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