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@2018-02-13 01:38:11
Quick question: While going through the equities book, the EOC often has questions that require a full on spreadsheet? as in projections into the next 3-4 years of an income statement or B/sheet, and finding the PV of all that. Right now, i'm doing them in excel to save time and just to test if i know what the heck i'm doing, but the question is?

Are there questions like that in Level 2 exam that require us to create a spreadsheet like that? If so, how on earth are we supposed to do it given the time constraints, and lack of space?
@2018-03-07 12:44:19
It's very tempting to want to use Excel, because you don't want to make the same calculation 35 times. But I'd strongly suggest not using it. You can't have it in the exam - don't get used to it now.

Remember that you only have three minutes per question. They're not going to ask you to calculate standard deviation, and give you 50 data points. That would be too time consuming, and not really in keeping with the conceptual nature of the CFA exam.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!