AuthorTopic: How is everyones progress?
@2018-10-11 22:26:53
I am going to miss my deadline of finishing off the curriculum by the end of this month. Unfortunately I injured my knee badly - need an acl reconstruction next week.

I think I will have books 1-5 completed, only leaving me book 6 and ethics from book 1. I don't know if this will be helpful but I will be off from work for about 2/3 weeks so I expect that will help.

Should I be worried with the progress I have made so far?
@2018-11-03 11:02:07
The only way you will know if you should be worried is to take a few sample/mock exams in order to gauge how much of the curriculum you have retained. Nobody is going to be able to tell you if you have studied enough based on the information you have put forth.

As for me, I have covered the curriculum a couple of times and I am currently going back and working on mastering the concepts I have missed on the sample exams.

Good Luck

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh