AuthorTopic: How many hours..?
@2015-02-18 16:49:00
How many hours are you guys avergaing of study time per day now...? How many hours do you think it's a healthy amount..?

I'm avergaing 3, maybe 4, per day per week...
@2015-02-26 19:07:48
4 hours per day??! Do you work??
@2015-04-28 05:33:34
I did about 1 hour per day from August to now and just kicked it up to 4-5 per weekday and 8-10 each day on the weekends. Needless to say my girlfriend is a very lonely woman....but I have come this far and refuse to fail this thing
@2015-04-30 01:17:00
don't worry about your GF bro - long as she's a hottie and over 5 10" - just send her over this way - good time guaranteed.
@2015-05-01 09:23:11
I am having the same problem, with my girlfriend she has threathned me that for going thru all this i have to marry her once i am done in June!
@2015-05-02 21:15:04
For me I try to stick to the plan about 3hours everyday. And 3.5-5hours in the weekend. Using a spreadsheet to log hours everyday is not a bad idea.
@2015-05-09 11:19:26
2.5 weekdays and 3-5 on weekends.

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