AuthorTopic: How Many of the total questions need the use of a Calculator?
@2010-05-04 22:28:48
Hey Everyone!
Does anybody know how many of all the questions of the L1 Examination needs the use of a Calculator?
@2010-05-06 18:17:24
No, but maybe you can get a feeling for it if you consider how large a proportion of each the Study Session's basic questions (at AnalystNotes) need a calculator, and then multiply that weight with the weight of the subject on the actual exam. Are you thinking about taking the exam without a calculator? If you would by any chance find it difficult to buy a calculator now, there are simulation software available of the HP12C that you may download on the Internet and install on a disketter or similar, and use while you are studying, and then borrow someone's calculator on the actual exam. Search for +HP12C +simulator or +emulator.
@2010-05-08 20:46:40
I used it for about 5-10% of the questions. Most of the question, you can find the answer without a calculator just by looking at the input and the multiple choice question.

But..., you need a calculator for the NPV questions!
@2010-06-07 14:33:12
To have a calculator is more safe-Dina Shahin
@2010-06-25 13:34:37
I read page 74: notes: the time value of money
Q: what is the future value of an ordinary annuity that pay 150 per year at end of each of next 15 years, earn 7%rate of return?
How to use TI to calculate is 3769.35??
@2010-07-06 10:59:42

I/Y = 7
N = 15

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