AuthorTopic: How many practice questions have you done?
@2018-04-13 08:32:17
Just curious more then anything on how many practice questions everyone has done? I'm sitting at around 3000, a lot less then what I wanted. I'm not including any of the practice, mock or sample exams here...just the EOC and any test banks you may be using.
@2018-04-14 11:09:37
Just over 2k. I too wanted to do more but I realized the textbook is only good for learning the information not answering questions on the information if that makes any sense. The schweser Q-Bank questions I found to be much easier than the questions being asked in practice exams and mocks of CFAI. I feel like yes you need to know the information but there is no way to remember it all..there is just too much. So get a good understanding, then understanding what exactly is being asked in the questions is as important if not more than learning the material itself - I wish I'd started reading mock exam questions (not even answering them) 2 months out instead of a month out.
@2018-05-07 15:05:46
You better start studying and talk on the forum later (after the exam)

no wasting time :) time is crucial
@2018-05-18 04:50:27
lol not done any havent even read the economics book yet still on derivatives

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Andrea Schildbach