AuthorTopic: How many times will you try for level I?
@2014-09-27 21:15:59
I have heard there are ppl who tried 4 times, even 7 times to get passed.

I doubt if I will have that much courage to keep going after failing so many times.

If I try 4+ times on level I, how many times will I have to try for II? Sounds like you have put your whole lifetime into the exam. Also I will doubt my capacity to compete with other people in this industry.

I think my cutline will be 4 times. If I tried 4 times and still can't get level I done, I will forget about CFA for the rest of my life. It might not be my cup of tea.
@2014-09-29 10:00:52
In my opinion you should not think this way. You are almost holding this cloud of doom over yourself. Yes, failing sucks. But what are the positives that have come out of the experience? Even though I failed once, afterwards I felt good because:
1) I showed myself that I can commit to something that a lot of other people immediately discouraged me for attempting when I signed up.
2) I experienced personal growth in the areas of discipline, scheduling, strength, knowledge, and life experience
3) It spoke of how deeply I desired a career in finance.

If you let a test stop you, how are you going to handle losing $1 million of someone else's money? Just make a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to pass. You have 4 solid months left. You can accomplish a lot if you actually set out to do it. Keep the goal of passing in December in the front of your mind.
@2014-12-13 09:54:46
If you fail even once or twice you need to find better ways to study. Clearly you're not a good studier if you're not passing after a few tries. It may not mean that you can't master the material. You should never get to the point where you're failing 4-5 times in a row, let alone 7. That's why they have review programs. Or for heaven's sake, take that extra couple thousand bucks and invest in a tutor who will show you exactly what you're doing wrong, and help you with your study schedule.

If you're falling asleep learning the material, take notes to keep yourself awake. Do lots of questions. Make a schedule and commit to it. Set aside time every single day to study. Just very basic tips... You will pass.
@2019-05-25 08:07:50
knowledge and dream is the most important, not time. if you have ojective clearly, you should try to do your dream. good luck to you, thank!

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