AuthorTopic: How many topics have you covered for Dec level 1?
@2017-04-16 13:20:48

I'm trying to get an idea how many topics have u covered till now.

This will give me an idea if I'm going too slow or too fast. I have completed single reading of quants and a fair bit of FSA. But I see some of the messages where the topic discussed is Fixed income, economics and derivatives.

Sounds many of u are taking it too seriously. I just cant stay focussed for long hours together.
@2017-05-01 14:46:56
Taking it too seriously ?? That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard on this forum. Those are famous last words of candidates who fail L1 and never end up obtaining the charter. All costs factored in, including the cost of personal time and sacrifice, we end up paying thousands and thousands of dollars. Simply put, the test cannot be taken "too seriously". Those that do take it "too seriously" are those that pass and move on to the next level.
@2017-06-06 07:55:43
I agree with Yankees. I don't think level 1 can be taken seriously enough. I'm through Study Session 8 and about every other day I go back and review my handwritten notes from past Study Sessions together with flashcards to drill, drill, drill. Don't think that you know the material - know the material. Try answering every LOS correctly without looking at any notes. It's not easy. It's pretty darn hard.
@2017-08-09 08:33:08
I have covered 8 study sessions and I still feel like I am in the poo! But I dont have much of a background in finance and working and studying does start to take its toll.

I am just sticking to one study session a week and a month to revise and do exam questions.
@2017-08-16 15:15:03
I've covered 10 ss with about 500 excercises (anotes + curriculum combined) with no more than 12 hours a week. I'm not finding it very difficult. I think it depends a lot on the background you already have (economics bachelor + 4 years in finance related consulting in my case ). I haven't read anything new thus far (things will change when I start FR&A and ethics). Do you think the analyst notes review tests are representative of the actual exam? I'm not finding them very difficult.
I plan to do a second review during the 2nd half of September an then only mock exams + ethics and review tests

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