AuthorTopic: How much do you spent on studying?
@2015-02-02 21:25:47
Hi folks,

I'd like to know how much time you guys really spend on a weekly basis on the CFA preparation? I heard that 15-20 hours a week are necessary, however I make it to max 8-10 a week and getting a bit worried. Would be nice to have a little benchamrk of you.

@2015-03-02 22:30:00
I'm not sure about what hours are or are not necessary. I think some of that depends on previous knowledge of the subjects, but yes, the more studying the better, obviously. I easily spend 15-20 hours a week (usually) studying but that is only because I am an unemployed bum!
@2015-05-19 09:43:55
Nick - we are in the same boat. Haven't been pushing too much so far, lucky to get 10hrs a week done. Now with 25 days, I'll be doubling the effort.

Not so easy to spend the time if your job is quite challenging or there's a big project/deal going on in the run up to exams etc,.

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Craig Baugh