AuthorTopic: HOW much have you finished up as of now?
@2018-03-28 07:05:58
How much have you covered till now?

I am done with FRA, Quant, PM, CF & some part of ETHICS, but still feel i'm lagging behind. Also into a full time job. Any tips to pace up?

Note: Prepping from analystnotes and as of now practicing basic and review questions for each study session. Planning to cover EOC ques from CFAI as well.
@2018-04-29 14:41:50
I only have one more study session to go - Derivatives. In total, I have invested about 300 hours into my exam preparation to this point. I will be hitting the EOCs and practice exams hard in April and May (30 hours per week). With few exceptions, all of the material is within my grasp. Now it is up to me to close.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.