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@2019-01-11 22:47:03
I was just curious how everyone was incorporating a review into their study habits.

Just using AnalystNotes, reading the study guide first, making flash cards of important topics and formulas, then watching the lecture, then doing the questions at the end of each section. It seems to be working nicely thus far.

And am planning on having about a month left for review once I'm done with all the readings.

I was considering throwing in some kind of review periodically throughout the next five months, maybe every other Sunday do a comprehensive practice exam with only the sections I've covered.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!
@2019-01-12 19:31:09
its easy - you review everytime you forget what you studied, until you know it cold. Everyone is going to need to review the material a different number of times obviously.
@2019-04-10 11:23:12
inmate, I thought I knew you cold. Turns out you're just cold.

wassa, For me I reviewed the AN notes 2 times (full read through) then I reviewed the CFAI notes on the parts I was weak with.

In all honesty I should've allocated more time to reviewing.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh