AuthorTopic: How relevant is CFA charter in the Insurance Industry?
@2005-10-03 22:59:47
Hello every1,

I am recent graduate from University and am currently enrolled in Level 1 of the CFA program. I am interviewing for the posts of Underwriter and Claims Technician for an Insurance company on Nov 5th. How would my participating in the CFA program be beneficial to me in that particular field ...Insurance. How can I convince the interviewer that I would like to pursue a career at their company and that the CFA program is relevant to the job I am applying for. Also would my participation in the CFA program work against me?
@2005-10-09 06:00:15
In my company (insurance), there are a number of officers in Corporate Finance, investments, derivatives, and capital markets that hold the CFA charter.

I'm enrolled in Level 1 as well.
@2005-10-11 17:31:45
caugusti: listen to Maniac. It won't really help you out with an underwriter position..but that does depend on what type of insurance you would be approving. CFA could help you out more so in various investment groups within insurers...especially with their large asset bases, and capital and timing requirements. Also, there will be a few finance intensive groups that review trending etc. monthly, quarterly, etc which are solid positions within these companies. Those would be the main areas that I would see a CFA being valued.
@2005-10-14 09:43:52
Hi caugusti:

have you considered looking at the CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) program? That is what underwriters in the life insurance industry go for. I work in the accounting area for an insurance company.

@2005-11-05 05:50:02
Hi caugusti: we are in the same boat and I believe that there is nothing wrong to study CFA now for as long as you have the passion/unquenchable desire and looking forward to be involved in solid finance positions in the near future.

I am sitting for Level I in June 2006.

Good luck!

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