AuthorTopic: How to get a job?
@2015-07-09 11:12:05
I have completed CFA Level III and awaiting to receive CFA Charter. I am from Bangladesh where capital market is in a nascent stage. In fact, I have no scope to utilize my expertise.

Can anybody help me to get a job in any country?
@2015-07-14 21:12:06
Nazmul bhai,
Congratulation. I'm glad to know someone from bangladesh already completed 3 levels. My salam to you. I completed my bachelor and masters in finance from Dhaka University and completed my MBA from USA. Now working with a Giant(!) Insurance company.
so what you doing now and it seems you are in BD. Let me know your e-E-mail address or other contact number. I wanna be in touch with you too.
Looking forward to hear from you.
@2015-08-26 02:25:22
i am a company secretary from india and also masters in commerce and having experience of one & half year in finance as well as Secretarial and a good knowledge of corporate laws as CS, a part from above m perusing CFA L1.

I just wanted to know whether will i be getting an advantage of CS along with CFA in the future or not ? or what will be the work profile along with these two professional qualification ?

your views matters for me.

thank you all in advance

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