AuthorTopic: How to get the CFA Charter after passing the tests: request for advice and opinion
@2010-07-04 20:15:11
I passed all three levels of the exam, and now I find that getting the charter seems to be an almost bigger challenge.

I believe that I have sufficient work experience from a previous position of six years in securities pricing at a securities depository institution. After all, it is permissible for professional experience to have accrued from previous positions.

However, I am currently working in an area that deals with the more operational aspects of market risk management for a large American bank that also has a prominent investment bank (think of a Citi, JPMC, BofA, ... type of bank). Our Middle Office is involved in evaluating data collected world-wide that goes into the calculation of Value-at-Risk for the bank. While this position is not completely unrelated to finance, it feels a bit of a stretch to have my supervisor sign the sponsor form saying that I am spending at least 50% of my time engaging in the activities listed on the form.

So I am wondering whether it is promising to make an effort to gain the charter under these circumstances. What it comes down to is whether it is acceptable for the entire work experience to come from a previous position, and whether it is acceptable for applicants to gain the charter, even if their current job is not adding to pertinent job experience (or if they do not currently have a job at all.) The requirements do not spell out that candidates have to be employed in a certain kind of position at the time they apply for the charter, but this requirement seems to come in through the questionnaire for the supervisor, or doesn't it?

Should I bypass the supervisor altogether, i.e. try to be sponsored by two charterholders, or is there a way that I can use my supervisor as a sponsor?

Any input is very appreciated, especially from people who have been involved in the charter granting process before, e.g. as candidates, charterholders, sponsors, CFA Institute decision makers. Thank you very much!

CFA Discussion Topic: How to get the CFA Charter after passing the tests: request for advice and opinion

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu