AuthorTopic: How to prepare for the June level 1 exam?
@2019-01-24 03:24:21
i am reading fixed income and derivatives from the main curriculum book just wanted to know what other subjects i can refer to for CFA preparation from curriculum book as i am appearing in june. i have completed 3 subjects so far still left with many more? need help?
@2019-03-21 17:12:36
well, i wrote Dec 2018 Level1, and it was awesome. I actually prepared for 8 months, but i realized it could be done with 5 months with the intensity of my study plan. It can be done in 4 months as well depending on your plan and how rigorous your study plan is.

Since you have already started reading, you have several options at your disposal.

1. you should have a timed study plan and stick to it strictly.

2. Make sure you utilize your weekend very well if you work full time as that is when you will have enough time to read the curriculum.

3. Since you're using the curriculum, it will take you a lot of time to finish up. I used AnalystNotes all through and i was and i am still impressed with my level of preparation and was fully confident after the exam, but that may not apply to you, so you need to make up ur mind on it on time.

4. Get a lot of practice question under your belt, you're going to need it. After reading through the curriculum for like 3 times, i still found out that i mixed so many questions, so it is when you practice, and realize where you're getting it wrong and make amend before you will improve and gain the confidence to defeat the exam.

So, that is it, wish you the best.

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