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@2003-06-21 20:03:23
Now so many notes are prevailing, which really confuse me. To pass the L1 in 2004, I've been using this site's notes for L1, but should I buy another 2003 notes, i.e., Allen, shulman, schwelser? And this is my first time to participate in this exam, I dont quite know how I should study to pass 2004 exam. Who can frankly give a hand?
@2003-06-22 12:45:28
Hi There,

If you believe in taking the first plunge and challenge, which you did or else you won't be taking the CFA. My advice is that you should compare the notes which frankly i believe each has its good points. But simply having good notes does not guarantee you pass.

As such you need to benchmark to others to know your progression. Indirectly it also gives you pressure to strife for better result since if your passing rate is lower than the rest (Example) .

I am sure you will benefit from this advice.

Best of success.
@2003-06-23 18:10:42
It is very frustrating hearing people blame the fact that they didn't pass the exam on the notes they used. I have seen a few people who actually admitted that they didn't spend enough time preparing, and so they are taking responsibility for their results, instead of blaming the notes provider. But I see so many people stating something to the effect,"I used Schweser notes and failed; they suck! Next year should I use Stalla or Allen?"Speaking for level 1 only, I am a paid member of cfacenter (also have an MBA in finance), studied diligently since January and don't remember seeing any question on the actual exam that wasn't addressed in the notes. In general, putting too much emphasis on the value of the notes used not only lifts the responsibility off the shoulders of those who failed, but likewise lessens the accomplishment of those who passed. At some point it must be addressed that some people really understand the material, and some have a more difficult time with it.With all that being said, I really feel for people who studied for 6 months and didn't pass. Ultimately, it will be those with a solid work ethic and motivation that will excel in the real world. Those who think that the world owes them something just because they have an MBA and breezed through the CFA program will be humbled.WHEW!!!! I feel better now.
@2003-06-24 11:57:26
If you want to be retain the concepts and ideas presented in the CBOK I really think you need to study the texts. I know its sucks, they're expensive, yadda yadda yadda. As a professional, whether you are a research analyst or retail broker you are representing AIMR by using those three simple letters after your name on your business card. To simply use notes to get by in your studies is not really representing the other CFA charterholders that came before us when notes weren't popular. Besides, don't take AIMR for granted. You really think they word their questions with notes in mind? I'll bet they work around the notes on many topics just to trip up those who really on the notes.
My two cents.
@2003-08-22 01:02:39
Use cfacenter's notes: they are far more effective than that of Schweser!
@2003-08-28 00:45:43
I bought both TestNet and cfacenter and passed. My ranking at cfacenter was closer to what I got in the exam: probably cfacenter has a larger user base for benchmarking.
@2005-12-18 11:42:05
Anybody have any thoughts regarding choosing Schweser versus analystnotes for my CFA prep course?
@2006-01-05 16:51:36
What's "cfacenter"?

Is anyone a "paid member" of this site? Is it worth it? It's so much cheaper than anything else, so I'm inclined to just test it out. Please let me know your opinions of the mock exams!
@2006-01-05 17:01:18
CFACenter is this site: We used the name cfacenter for about 2 years and then changed to in September 2004.
@2006-01-05 21:32:52
You don't feel comfortable if the price is much lower for a similar service? I do. Indeed I am very happy with what I bought.
@2006-01-06 19:50:17
Hi everyone! Im planning to take the L1 June 06. I've been looking around for good prep course, heard alot about AnalystNotes. Can anyone advise me on which prep course is best for L1? Is it sufficient to pass with just a set of study notes? Thanks for everyones' advised! I'll be really greatful if I can get advises from anyone who actually passed L1 recently, thanks again!
@2006-01-19 14:20:35
I just passed L1 using AnalystNotes, actually I just got result yesterday. They are more than enough if you study hard. Questions and mock exams are good because they are more difficult than what you will see in exam.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!