AuthorTopic: How was the exam?
@2005-06-05 07:00:12

How did you feel about 6/4/05 exam?
@2005-06-06 07:56:18
i used SchewerPro but found that LOS are not covered in acceptable details, plus the questions are not the "two type answer"

@2005-06-06 15:04:42
I agree. Schweser was a major let-down. The two part questions were a swift kick in the pants.
@2005-06-13 07:29:57
are u guys talking about Lev1? if so, it wasn't possible for any study pack provider to guess the format and set questions in that light. CFA institute changed the format.
@2005-06-13 13:09:01
Do they change the format after every exam? I.e., if I need to take Level 1 again in Dec., should I expect a different format?
@2007-06-14 05:18:34
What is "two type answer" mates?

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