AuthorTopic: HP vs Texas (excuse the dullness of this topic)
@2003-06-19 11:28:55
I'm sure this has been covered before but can anyone give me advice on this please. I used the HP for Level I because I bought it, and learned how to use it, and then found that the Texax was generally the calculator most often recommended. As I had so much else to learn (starting in Feb) I couldn't face switching at that point.

Would anyone recommend switching for LII or is it best to stick to the entertainingly archaic HP once you've invested time in understanding its idiosyncrasies?
@2003-06-27 16:02:16
If you know how to use the HP, stick with it.
Those of us who use the TI do so because we can't handle RPN.
@2003-06-30 12:33:08
Even though I'm a long time HP guy, I would recommend you switch to the TI for the exam. The TI's statistical functions are a lot easier to use than the HP's.

Because I normally use an HP, I brought both to the exam. That way I had a backup if there was a problem and for the statistic problems.

CFA Discussion Topic: HP vs Texas (excuse the dullness of this topic)

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