AuthorTopic: Hurricane Sandy
@2012-11-05 13:26:57
Being Election Day tomorrow in the states, I suppose I should be pondering how the presidential race affects CFA candidates and the exams.

While I will be closely watching the news feeds and have more than a few debates with colleagues, I wanted to use this time to wish well all those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeastern United States. After having witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and seen many a tornado here in Iowa, I can imagine the distress you’re now up against.

I talked to a candidate friend in Newark who says power went out when the storm hit and was not restored until Saturday. "The East Ward looks like a war zone in Amsterdam with all the destruction and flooding," he told me trying to use humor to hide his emotions. He said that initially he thought a few days shuttered inside would be a good opportunity to study for the exam, but quickly realized that he could think of little else but surviving.

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