AuthorTopic: I am burnt out
@2019-04-08 21:09:35
Its under 8 weeks from the big day and I'm shot. I work 8-5 then study 7-midnight(m-f) plus 10 hours saturday and about 8 Sundays for 4 months will do that to you. For those who have been here and done it, what do you recommend to keep your sanity, stress down, and mind clear in the final stretch?
@2019-04-09 06:48:09
I would start taking a mock exam each weekend (analystnotes offers 10 mock exams in total for $99), and focus on your weak areas. Take an extra look at ethics because those are easy points to nail down. It might also help to actually tone down the study time a bit so that you ?peak? on exam day.
@2019-04-18 13:39:37
I second natasha. Mock exams here are really helpful and especially focus should be on Ethics as they can be tricky. I had reduced my time for studies and did the CFAI EOC questions in the last week before the exam. This is the time when focus should be on excellence rather than success. Like I always say Success is a relative term and a kind of dependent variable. I believe if you just look back and realize how much you have gained in terms of knowledge in these months then you won't burn out or at least won't be afraid of the exam. Good Luck!
@2019-05-29 11:13:35
Take a few days off my friend especially if you have already gone through the material. Get your mind off of CFA for a few days and don't look at anything CFA related.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach