AuthorTopic: I am in deep deep trouble and i think i would fail level 1
@2018-11-13 12:25:58
This is my situation as of now:

I haven't completed corporate finance and derivatives section yet.

Currently i am revising the whole topics and FRA would be completed tomorrow along with EOCs of FRA. I haven't attempted a single mock exam yet and also not attempted a single question from AnalystNotes Questionbank.

I know you would be thinking what was I doing this whole time as i haven't completed anything, I started studying in the beginning of September but 5-10 days wasted due to passport registration and other issues.

Right now i am crying from inside and outside as i have paid the late fee for December 2016 attempt (which equals 1660 USD), plus huge expectations of my family and friends. My whole family thinks i would pass seeing me doing hard work but deep inside i know i would fail as i haven't prepared well.

I don't want to fail this attempt there is too much pressure and expectations on me, i am willing to do anything for the next 20 days until exam, be it studying 20 hours.

Seeing other guys having completed Mocks and a lot of practice under their belt i feel even more dejected.
@2018-11-18 23:27:46
"The only thing that we fear is fear itself".

This is fact that your preparation is not up to the mark, as per the study plan discussed by you, but still i recommend not to loose hopes. Needless to mention CFA exam is 3rd toughest exam around the world, as per financial times survey 2015, you need to put your all out efforts in order to compete more than 100 thousands candidates will appear in the exam. I still believe you can get bang for the buck, if you plan accurately so far.

I think you should utilize your maximum time which is still remaining try to. Just glimpse over the remaining topics or readings because you haven't enough time to read them in detail. Subsequently, try to opt mock exam of CFA institute and AnalystNotes mock exams. These are the only weapons left with you.

Be confident, and Go ahead.... All the best.
@2019-03-24 12:37:29
How did it go my friend?

CFA Discussion Topic: I am in deep deep trouble and i think i would fail level 1

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach