AuthorTopic: I-banking Internship?
@2018-08-01 15:59:54
Anyone here done an i-banking internship? Are they often unpaid? Is it common for companies to make a full-time job offer after the internship? Any advice from any seasoned i-bankers out there to someone absolutely green?
@2018-08-14 22:49:11
I dunno, but my ibanking internship offer was also unpaid for a 6 month commitment. I said "no."
Look around the firm, if they only have 4 partners, it means they fired everyone else. Meaning they will probably not take you on after the internship, regardless of performance and just get 6 months of free labor.
@2018-10-12 14:59:30
Take a look at there is a lot of good info about breaking into IB. He has a lot of good info how the CFA is useless to break into IB.

Good Luck

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