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@2018-05-04 21:40:47
Hi -in management consulting they ask "case-type" questions. Is there something analogous i.e. brain teasers, logic questions etc. in I-banking interviews? thank you!
@2018-05-06 11:12:57
Definately brain teasers,
I got asked this at Lehman Brothers-
"On an analog watch, if it is 3:15, what is the angle between the minute and the hour hand?"The answer is not as easy as you think...
They also may ask you more broad based questions to see how you are with numbers and how your problem solving process works. I was asked
"If you had to estimate the number of DVD players located on the island of Manhattan at that moment, how would you do it?"
The idea is to estimate (use numbers that are easy to work with) and the final answer is not important but the process is. Hope this helps.
@2018-05-17 16:15:31
I have an interview for an internship at an investment banking boutique later this week.
I've heard that in i-banking they generally ask you three things: why i-banking, why at this company, why you. Not sure how to answer the part "why at this company"... Do I have to know the delas that they closed recently?
Any advice will be truly appreciated.
@2018-07-18 17:20:45
I was an i-banking analyst after college at a mid-size investment bank....and I interviewed first year analysts....for a boutique firm the answer to why this company is (its a entreprenuiral'll have more time to spend / learn from the senior'll be more involved in the deal team because of the small size of the firm....and the best for can truely be a generalist for your two year stint of duty.

Trust me..the above answer is all that you have to say for that question.

As a free tip....on the why you...say you have worked really hard your whole life..and 14 hour days are normal for you.

Good luck on the interview!!!

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