AuthorTopic: I don't think study partners/groups are helpful
@2017-09-05 03:35:55
would love to hear what you guys think of the whole study group thing, i find it very strange how some people have their minds set on the idea that studying in groups or with someone is a boost to performance, and having tried it both ways i can easily say that studying alone is way better than the distractions of having fellow candidates involved and around you when studying. I would even go to the extent of saying spending time on the forum is not very healthy during exam prep and this is also something i implemented this year and i stayed away from the forum till after the exam was over
@2016-09-06 20:36:51
I always liked to have a study partner. Especially for L3, I found that me talking about the subject and taking sessions for each other helped.

First time i failed Band 10 and I struggled because I got stuck at points where I searched for "key terms". But the second time around, I had these little sessions with my study partner. I used to take sessions for him about topics I found difficult and vice versa. This to a very large extent helped me come out of that "key terms" search issue which I had previously.

CFA Discussion Topic: I don't think study partners/groups are helpful

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