AuthorTopic: I hate ethics!
@2015-02-28 11:19:36
I hate ethics. I've been doing mock exam questions on ethics and last night I threw my ethics book across the room in total frustration. Anyone else experiencing similiar road rage type symptoms?
@2015-03-06 21:50:23
Throwing of an Ethics book is in violation of Standard XVI
@2015-03-15 18:41:03
there's a whole section on it?

XVI Responsibilities to Ethics Text
1) Throwing the text
2) Burning the Text
3) selling the text at an inflated price to someone who is taking the test next year.

TweetyPie - Try them again. If you keep doing the analystnotes' questions, they get kinda repetitive. I learned most of ethics from those, even though I bombed them at first. Keep going - I spent a few lunch hours and got that up to 95%.
@2015-04-07 20:31:09
Well, ethics reading is boring. And the questions are tricky. But it's not that bad. Think this, ethics will take 15% of the total marks, but the reading is the shortest comparing to other sessions,. Don't give it up. One of my friend failed his first try only because his ethics part was below 50%, otherwise he would have passed.
@2015-05-05 22:32:37
I would suggest try to cover the critical concepts given after each topic and cover all the questions that is given in CFA curriculum for ethics. This worked for me as most likely the questions will be based on the concepts provided in the text book only.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!